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  • I moved to the downtown Toronto area, which is a very costly. Which is why I'm happy, I found EcoSoft online. They're quick, fast, and very professional. I bundled a majority of their products (filters, reverse osmosis system, etc.), and they saved me a lot of money. If your reading this, just give them a call - it's fast and easy.

    Amadeus Riccini

    Home Owner (Toronto, ON)

  • My family and I just moved into our new house; it's new to us, but the house itself is really old. Off the bat we knew the tap water ain't safe. Buddy of mine recommended EcoSoft, and I gave them a call. Not even 24 hrs, they were already at my place installing my a brand new Carbon Filter, and Reverse Osmosis System. Saved myself a lot by bundling the two.

    Ricardo Morales

    Home Owner (Markham, ON)

  • I've lived in my home for almost 8 years, and I drink water from the kitchen tap everyday. I didn't pay much attention to the water, but when my husband called EcoSoft for a new carbon filter; the difference was easily visible. Water looked better, tasted better, and was obviously cleaner. Installer was super friendly, and helped us save money by bundling with other products. 

    Victoria Genesa

    Home Owner (Maple, ON)


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